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Coconut Grater Scraper Shredder
Manual Hand Operated
Dimension: 22.35 x 16 x 6.6 cm
Weight: 862 Grams
Small Stainless steel Blade

#Odiris Flagship Coconut Grater Model A8 was invented by Late Founder and Chairman Mr. N. W. Odiris Perera, A table top version of cranked hand operated (Model A8) coconut grater to Sri Lanka market in 1952, replacing the age old scraping blade fitted to a low bench which caused back pain, that made the coconut grating an arduous task.

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  1. katiya

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    The best and the Finest Production!!
    I made the Order Online and Paid via Credit Card.
    Received the item with in 2 days nicely packed and bubble wrapped.
    Thank Yiu 🙂

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